Health Coach Training is Complete

For years, I have been reading and studying about alternative treatments, natural remedies and nutrition – just for fun. I have this plethora of random nutrition facts that I love to share and have been more generous with this knowledge than my family and friends care to hear. My daughter used to say “Mom, stop reading!”, because every time I learned something enlightening, there would be a change in our household. After realizing that the health care system consists of some of the unhealthiest people – physically, emotionally and spiritually, I wanted to become a health coach to assist people with taking charge of their own health and wellness instead of allowing the medical system to simply manage their sickness. There is a quote – “No one cares about your health the way you should.” Think about this – Doctors are busy – they have about 5 minutes per patient – how could they possibly care about your health the way it needs to be cared for? We have one body to care for and one body to get us from infant to 100 years old. Yes, replacements can happen, but they are never as good as the original. “Love your neighbor as your self”, a paraphrase from Jesus Christ. So many people hear the “love your neighbor “ part, but neglect the “ as your self” part. We first have to love our selves before we can truly care for anyone else. “Your health is your greatest wealth” a quote from Virgil. To truly love your self, you must provide the care for your body, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, so it can get us to age 100 with joy and grace.

How do we do this?

We receive so many massages for how to feel terrible about ourselves and that we need to spend more money on things we don’t need, to make us feel better, but purchases don’t create lasting joy or happiness.

In health coaching – we focus on balance and choices. Each choice we make leads us to better health or away from it.

In a free health consultation, clients will discuss positive changes that they would like to see in their lives. We then work together, step by step, to accomplish the positive changes such as – having more energy, feeling great about who they are and the way they look, fitting into clothes they never thought they could, stopping smoking, enjoying their last 20 years, finishing a warrior dash or mud run and the list goes on and on. We look at the four main areas of life – career, exercise, spirituality and relationships. If these are out of balance- it creates a drain on their life energy, leaving them unfulfilled. Most of us try to fill this drain by what we put in our mouths – whether it be a donut, a bag of chips, a cigarette, a 5 dollar coffee drink or an alcoholic beverage – or several.

The problem is that these never fix the energetic drain. With health coaching, the client is able to discover the real cause of the problem and find healthy solutions to take care of it.

In Health coaching, we also look at the diet and transition, in a step by step fashion, from the sugary, processed junk foods, fast foods and diet foods to real food and clean water. Real food grows in the ground, on a vine, on a tree or was raised in humane conditions on pasture. These are the foods that heal. Hippocrates said “Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food”. I don’t believe in using restriction or starvation diets, because every deprivation is followed by a binge. One of the biggest predictors of weight gain is whether you have been on a diet within the past two years. In health coaching, we look at the nutritional content of foods, so that you know which foods you can get the most nutrients for the calories, so you can actually eat without gaining weight.

If you are motivated to take charge of your health and take care of #1, contact me at 479-283-6507 to schedule an appointment!

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