Hiking Safety Presentations and Classes

I am an avid hiker and lover of nature. I’ve hiked in National Parks in Tanzania Africa, Belize, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and most of the US National Parks.  The most intense hike, I’ve been on, is the hike to the summit of Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain in Africa, measuring 19,341 ft.  I’ve been hitting the trails for immersion in nature regularly, since training to hike Kilimanjaro in 2019.   Being in Nature allows me to clear my mind and energy field, breathe more deeply, reset, renew and return to daily life refreshed.  I highly recommend the practice of observing or immersing oneself in nature on a regular basis.

Nature is a force to be respected and honored.  We must play by the rules of nature.  Since 2020, with the temporary closure of many leisure activities, nature and hiking trails have become highly attended and sought after by many who have little experience or knowledge of the potential hazards that nature poses.  Rescues and Deaths have increased significantly.  Exercise and time in nature are only good for you if they don’t kill or seriously maim you.

In January of 2022, I traveled to New Hampshire for a month-long training with Solo School of Medicine to become a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician.  I also became a Nationally Certified EMT through the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians.  My intention for receiving this training was to be able to help others in more ways than I already was.  I felt called to assist others enjoy and appreciate nature in a safer manner.

If you, as an individual or group of friends, social or religious group would like to be more informed in ways of participating with nature in a safer manner, prior to embarking on an adventure, please contact me.  aspireholistichealth@gmail.com or 479-283-6507 (text is best).  I will be happy to provide a presentation on Responsible Hiking or teach a Hiking Safety Class.

Be Safe and Enjoy what life has to offer!

Holly Aaron, BA W-EMT, NREMT