Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage:  A massage with a therapist who has been trained in safe practices for massage during maternity and has experienced pregnancy and the changes and discomforts which occur.  Ergonomic pillows and convertible table are utilized to create the most comfortable and safe massage possible. In some cases, a comfortable, secure side-lying position is used in order to avoid pressure on low back and abdomen. Pillows are used to ensure comfort and alignment of the hip, knee and ankle, avoiding strain on the sacroiliac joint while maximizing lymph and blood circulation. The technique for therapeutic massage is used during this session.

As the due date approaches, there is a special massage that can be provided utilizing all of the stimulation points which can encourage the start of labor.  Labor usually begins within 24 hours of this technique.


60 minutes: $89

90 minutes: $133

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