Healing Touch Training is Complete


“Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re always a day away…” -Charles Strouse

After 11 months of steady work, I fly out for Loveland, Colorado, tomorrow, to complete my Healing Touch Program training, Level 5! I have been honored to be a part in some amazing transformations, with the clients whom I’ve had the pleasure to work, during my apprenticeship. I will bring my proof of a practice; 127 documented sessions and a 10 page case study, proof of self care; 10 reflective reviews of holistic modalities, that I tried, proof of study: 7 reflective write-ups of books about Healing Touch, ethics for energetic healers, quantum physics, energy work/holism, journaling, spiritual development and professional development, a reflective write-up about participating in a mentor relationship, community service, a personal professional notebook which includes a resume with an emphasis on Healing Touch and much more, to be judged, as to whether I am qualified and ready to be called a Healing Touch Practitioner. Many thanks to all who participated in this process. It is a fantastic relief to be finished with this piece of the journey!


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